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Why I'll be keeping my GR account.

Co-blogger Ashleigh Paige has given me an idea for a post on the blog - on why I'm keeping my GR account. It'll explain full length, but basically?


I'm doing it for archival reasons. I have 3-4+ years' worth of reviews on there, and I don't want those to go. Librarything only has so much space for free users, and shelfari...well, shelfari is a hot mess, and I archive there when I can.


Let me be clear: I don't like what GR's done with the place, and I don't like their plans that they're implementing as we speak. I don't agree with any of it. I want everyone to know that.


But I also need a place to store my older reviews, especially for the Japanese language books that I can't seem to put anywhere else aside from the blog.


I hope that I haven't lost any respect from esteemed friends and bros out there in the community for keeping it.


Hugs all around. <3